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Ruby’s fragrance drew me in, it is literally a breath of fresh air. After using it at Ironman CDA, Ironman Florida and the ACT Half-Ironman, I’m happy to report NO wetsuit rub, NO chafe from the bike and NO blisters on the run (with NO socks). SUCCESS! I gave a tube to a friend who used Ruby’s for the first time and she had success, as well.
~ Heather Davenport, Ironman athlete

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Ruby’s is my go-to lube! I use Ruby’s Lube for all three legs of the triathlon to prevent chafing and even blisters on my feet when running sockless. I’ve recommended it to the Big Sexy Racing team and athletes I coach, to stay one step ahead of the competition.
~ Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald, Professional Triathlete, 6X Ironman Champion

Thanks Ruby’s. Used it for San Diego 100 with 100+ degree temps. Flawless. Seriously stoked to have found your product.
~ Jeff Browning, Ultrarunner

As a long-distance bicyclist who has ridden across the U.S. and spent two years training for the RAAM, I have tried many products to alleviate chafing during rides of 50+ miles. Three years ago, I discovered Ruby’s and it’s by far the best all-natural product on the market. I recommend it highly!
~ Mel, cyclist, retired CFO

Winter or summer, we wouldn’t be without Ruby’s Lube. Not only were we able to ride 750 miles in brutal heat without chafing or blisters from our bike saddles, but Ruby also kept our hands and noses from drying out all across the desert!

~ Ride Across America Marathon (RAAM), 2012 Team Laughing Dog

Arlene Cook – Schweitzer Mt Ski Patrol Director,
Gina Pucci – biker, hiker, aspiring runner,
Kathi Riba Crane – nurse, beginning snowboarder,
Julie Nye – Team Laughing Dog, Race Across America 2012

As an elite age group triathlete, I use Ruby’s Lube for all three sports. My favorites are to prevent wetsuit chafing around the neck and eliminate hot spots on my feet when running without socks. Ruby’s Lube worked great in the heat at the Ironman World Championship last fall.
~ Keith Hertel, triathlete, all around good guy

Tracy, I am very excited to say I have discovered Ruby’s Lube! I am a serious elite triathlete who frequently races at the world championships. I have discovered Ruby’s through a bike expo and got to try a sample and I must say, this anti chafe lotion is by far the best I have tried and I love that it is natural ingredients.
~ Shannon C, elite amateur triathlete

I recently returned from competing in Boise at the Ironman 70.3. There was a sample tube of your product in the race package. The product is amazing. I use it on my neck for swimming with the wetsuit on. Love it!
~ Joel L

I race on elite, amateur women’s cycling team that you sent samples of Ruby to. A couple of us really love the stuff, I used it this past weekend at a 3-day stage race with the final day being a 100-miles and it treated me very well. Thanks again!
~ Brooke S, elite cyclist

We did our big 5.7-mile swim yesterday and thanks to Ruby I have no chafing! My friends who swam with me used another product and chafed. Next swim, we will all use Ruby’s!
~Maleah, Schweitzer ski patrol and summer water dog!

I rode with the Dirt Dolls last week and used a sample of your lube. Simply put — I love it! I did my biggest mountain bike ride on Saturday and put it to the test! I am happy to say that I didn’t have any chafing what-so-ever and the fact that it is smooth and smells good is a bonus!
~ Linda, Dirt Dolls, Boise, Idaho

As a long-time, year-round runner, I’m never without Ruby. There’s simply nothing better to prevent chafing and drying. I also use it to keep my heels soft and have even applied it as a lip balm a time or two.
~ J.T. – runner, scenic half marathon director, retired Microsoft employee

I used Ruby’s all year while training for the Coeur d’Alene Ironman. Not only did it prevent chafing, but it never damaged my bike shorts or wet suit.
~ Kevin – Ironman athlete, money manager

I have been using it on my dry hands mostly and it works great. As an anti-chafe, I have been applying it in the morning before I run and so far no bra chafe, which is wear I usually get it. I love the fact that it is all natural and versatile. I ran in to a friend in the grocery store the other day that is a new dad and gave him a sample to pass along to his wife for her and the new baby, I keep them in my purse for just such an occasion.
~ Kendra S

Hi Tracy, I just wanted to tell you how much I love Ruby’s Lube!! I ran a ½ marathon this past weekend and the places that I normally get chafing didn’t bother me the whole run, but I developed new areas, like my back, and afterward I put Ruby’s on the area and it worked as a great healing relief as well!! I love it and will not use anything else!!
~ Stefanie N

As a “weekend warrior” cyclist, Ruby’s Lube is a lifesaver of a lotion. Whether I’m hiking in the mountains or cycling, I wouldn’t trade its anti-chafing protection! And I love that great fresh smell and natural ingredients.
~ Chris – outdoor enthusiast, publisher

Your products solved so many issues I had with mitigating chafing (mainly wasteful nipple taping, and the lack of cancery ingredients & stink of other lubricants) that I feel a bit evangelical about your product 🙂
~ Jeff H

I was the Crew Chief for a 2011 RAAM Team, and after hearing a member complaining of chafing, I recommended Ruby’s Lube. My wife and I had been using it during 24hr mountain bike races, with great results. Anyway, the tubes are great in a bike bag and the bedside table.
~ Chris B


General Use

I recently saw a tube of Ruby’s Lube, tried it, and love it.
~ Barb M

I’m currently 8 months pregnant, and I’ve been using your Ruby’s Lube on my belly since about month 3. I absolutely love it! I wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have gotten a sample tube! I currently have no stretch marks (crossing my fingers!), but what I really love about it is the texture. I have a couple of pregnant friends and I will be giving it to them as well!
~ Cacia, Dirt Doll Rider, new mom

I swear by Ruby’s Lube for scrapes, cuts and even babies’ butts! It’s a wonderful, all-around family balm, and we use it religiously.

~Cheryl, Boise Co-op Employee

There’s simply nothing more soothing for tired and cracked feet, whether I’m pounding the pavement or spending all day in heels!
~ Janscey – boise co-op, busy and on the go

I have been using your Motion Lotion since getting it as a gift, and I love it. I think your Motion Lotion is such a great and unique product.
~ Claudia H

I love recommending Ruby’s Lube to my patients. Their positive comments and the simple ingredients make it a natural suggestion to alleviate vaginal dryness or dry skin.
~ Cynthia, Advanced RN Practitioner

(Please note: Ruby’s is an oil based lubricant and is not recommended for use with latex condoms, but is compatible with cervical condoms.)