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Ruby’s Story

Tracy Gibson of Ruby's Lube with Calendula

Tracy Gibson, AKA “Ruby”

The story behind the ‘Motion Lotion Potion’

Like a lot of good things, Ruby’s Lube began as a simple conversation among friends.

Eighteen years ago, Tracy Gibson and a group of her best were discussing the fact that no one seemed to be able to make a simple and effective, natural balm for a variety of dry skin conditions. It was clear something had to be done – and soon after, Tracy was fast at work growing calendula in the back yard of her Sandpoint, Idaho, home: drying it, soaking it in olive oil, adding a few other natural ingredients and putting it in jars for gifts.

The balm was an instant favorite. Friends and neighbors wanted to buy it; business acquaintances wanted samples. The buzz grew, word traveled, and an exciting adventure began.

Ruby’s Lube was launched.

The name Ruby popped out of yet another evening (with the same friends) brainstorming names that went with the word ‘lube’. Red wine inspired the Ruby’s part. Soon, Ruby’s Lube was on the shelves in health food stores across Idaho.

It just perked along,” Gibson said, “until one day a couple years ago I got a call from a shop about some guy who needed a dozen jars of Ruby’s for a cross-country bike ride.” The discovery that Ruby’s was an excellent lubricant to prevent the chafing familiar to all serious bikers and endurance athletes was a game changer. Suddenly there was a new market for Ruby’s among serious athletes – amateur and professional. Gibson’s entrepreneurial instincts were stirred.

CHAIRLIFTPITCH_1318_1_t810In June 2011, she began scheming a re-launch of Ruby’s Lube – new packaging, new labeling, expanded distribution and online marketing. In March 2012 she took her plans to the “Chairlift Pitch” contest for entrepreneurs at Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort in her hometown of Sandpoint. Riding the chairlift with three judges, she told the story of a popular, all-natural product, a new marketing niche and her plans to make Ruby’s the next big made-in-the-Northwest business success. The judges liked what they heard and awarded Gibson top-pitch honors, $1,000 seed money and other assistance with the re-launch.

Today, Ruby’s is fast becoming a staple for serious athletes all over the country. And just as Gibson conceived it two decades ago, it’s still a great family product for dry skin, baby bottoms, minor rashes, burns and can even enhance a romantic evening.

Ruby’s is one of the best gifts you’ll find, for any or no occasion.

Try it. And you’ll see why we call Ruby’s Lube a Motion Potion for Every Notion’.