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  • TREATS & HEALS DIAPER RASH: Ruby's Baby Balm treats & prevents diaper rash with a gentle, natural formula that's safe for your baby's skin. It protects chafed skin due to rashes, seals out wetness & is a great baby moisturizer.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: RUBYS BABY BALM is a safe, natural alternative to traditional diaper creams & ointments made with healthy NATURAL oils and wax.
  • PETROLEUM-FREE DIAPER CARE: At Ruby's, we use pure, simple ingredients, each one chosen for its healing properties.
  • OUR STORY: Raising the twins was hard enough without skin irritations and Diaper rash. We utilized Rubys on our precious little ones and they never once had a diaper rash. We still today utilize the Body Balm on the Eczema of out little man. 
  • 5 all natural ingredients: Bees Wax, Olive Oil, Calendula Oil, Benzoin, Lavender oil.  



Jen: This product was originally bought for myself as a runner to prevent chafing on long training runs however now that I have a son, it worked incredibly on his bad diaper rash. I remember seeing something in it (calendula) that helped with diaper rash so I gave it a shot. If I could give this product 20 stars I would! Smells amazing too and cleared his diaper rash in just a few days. It’s amazing that other products claim to heal fast but this one takes the prize over any! Only downfall it’s not cheap and you can’t find it in stores. However not being cheap is sometimes the better way to go because you aren’t getting a crap product. Thank u for creating something so wonderful for my little ones bum :)

Ian Mikelson: In 6months my daughter has never had even the hint of a diaper rash. Bonus my wife used it as a moisturizing cream during pregnancy and escaped all stretch marks. Wonderful product and I can't say enough about it!!

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